Thursday, May 12, 2016

Common Phrases

Being a parent and having homeschooled for ten years in three different countries, I am no stranger to common phrases when it comes to kids... and parenting... and teaching. These I find I use quite often in a classroom full of kids (mostly elementary) on the regular:

I know you were here first but (s)he's the line leader

Stop picking your nose

Go wash your hands with soap

There's tissue right there {pointing}

Quite Coyote is out! Where are my Coyote Kids?

Take your hands out of your pants

Go wash your hands. With soap. I know. Go do it again.

I love you too

Keep your hands and bodies and clothing to yourself

Thank you, but Permanent Teacher left me all of the instructions. If I have questions, then I will ask you

Sit on your pockets

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It was breezy as I walked to school work the other day.  As I approached the school I just happened to look into the trees while the wind swayed them and something fell down from them.

It was this, someone's old, stuck in the tree flying disk. 

 What are the odds of me witnessing this drop-out?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Rumbly Tummy

We walked as a class toward the lunchroom when he told me, "I don't have a lunch today".  I assured him that the lunch lady would fix him up because I know that there is a way to feed this kid.

Each child is issued a debit card of sorts in which their parent or guardian loads lunch money onto. If a child eats his way through his lunch money, oftentimes they go into debt before the parents reload so that a child doesn't go hungry. The office let's the parent know and it gets reloaded.

But not this day.  I approached the uber nice lunch lady to let her know about this boy. That's when I learned that this child has a debt so high she is not permitted to extend any more lunch credit to him. It was near $87 high.  They told me that he usually does pretty well mooching off of his friends as his home had been contacted several times about his debt and that the school can no longer carry his lunch for free.

Of course this was a day I had no lunch to extend to him.  Gah!

If you are in any position to donate to hungry kids in your neighborhood public school, please do. Yes, loads of kids are on subsidized or low-cost lunches but once that money runs out, tummies go hungry.

Friday, May 6, 2016


I am not crafty.  Like, at all.

But on this day I was paid to get stoned whilst at work.  Er, assemble a craft as a prep for a teacher. Yeah. That's what it was. I remember now.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

That Curly-Haired Boy

As we were lining up from lunch, the all important line leader (it's a huge deal in kindergarten) said ambiguously to no one in particular, "My dad hates me".

Naturally this caught my ear.

Me: "He does? Why do you think that?"
Boy: "Because every morning he calls me the F-word."
Me: {I make an quiet gasp and strain not to scoop him up} "I am really sad for you," I bend down to him and say, "Curly-Haired Boy, you are valuable. You are a smart, good boy and I like you. I am sorry he says those things to you."
Boy: "Thanks Guest Teacher"

I march down to the school nurse and then up to the school counselor. Things like this should not be allowed to go on.

So let me ask you, what would you do?